Copenhagen Air Experience is the first and only wind tunnel in Northern Europe for simulation of freefall, also called bodyflight. It involves flying in a vertical wind flow of up to 210 km per hour and up to a height of 6 meters (hereinafter referred to as “bodyflight / bodyflying”). As your safety and pleasure is our first priority, our system has been TÜV approved and all the instructors have passed a special certified instructor education. Still, bodyflight must be regarded as a dangerous sport, involving a risk of incurring both personal injury and damage to property.

In connection with the upcoming bodyflight, I, the undersigned, hereby make the following statement towards Copenhagen Air Experience A/S, company register no. 29820708, and the affiliated personnel (hereafter called “CAE”):

  • My body weight does not exceed 120 kg, and I am not pregnant
  • I am completely well and in good physical condition. I do not suffer from any actual or former injuries, dislocations or disorders of the neck, shoulders, back or heart conditions. I understand the importance of a good health due to the significant pressure, when bodyflying, especially on the above-mentioned body parts.
  • I am not under any influence of alcohol or psychedelic drugs; nor am I on any medicine, which could slow down my reaction or influence my balance or perception.
  • Before I start bodyflying I will watch and listen to CAE’s instruction video with great attention and seek answers to all my relevant questions in this regard. By doing so I will make myself familiar with CAE’s instruction and safety rules and I promise to follow these, as well as the instructor’s other directions, both before, during and after bodyflying.
  • From CAE I have received safety equipment, i.e. helmet, flying suit, gloves and earplugs, at my disposal. I know that it is important to keep the helmet fastened, the face shield closed and keep the earplugs in my ears in order to minimize the risk of possible damage. The noise in the tunnel is up to 120 db or more, which can easily result in hearing damage, if the earplugs are not used. I commit myself to wearing the available safety equipment in the correct manner during my stay in the wind tunnel.
  • I ensure that my pockets are empty and that I do not carry any jewellery, watch, glasses or the like during bodyflying. CAE is not liable for any damage, theft or loss of personal effects.
  • I make sure to have a proper warm-up before bodyflying and I will only enter the wind tunnel accompanied by an instructor. Furthermore I will only start bodyflying upon approval of an instructor. Unless I have received explicit permission from an instructor, I will only bodyfly in a belly flying position without making any tricks or flips.
  • I am responsible for taking out any insurance, which I find necessary to cover my risk, and I am aware of the coverage of my accident insurance with respect to any bodily injury or property damage in connection with my participation in activities at CAE.
  • I am fully aware that bodyflying as well as my stay on CAE’s premises is at my own risk, and consequently I assume full responsibility for my participation in bodyflying. I am fully responsible for any property damage or personal injury, which I may incur in this connection, and I also waive the right to claim any damages from CAE and CAE’s employees, instructors, operators and others. Moreover, I promise to indemnify  CAE for any liability to pay damages, arising out of my participation in bodyflying.
  • I hereby give my consent to CAE to record video and photos in connection with my activities at CAE and accept that this material shall belong to CAE only, and in addition can be used for marketing of CAE in both Denmark and abroad. However, by ticking this box [  ] I opt out of this permission.
  • I hereby give CAE permission to contact me by postal letter or by email in connection with news, activities and offers from CAE. However, by ticking this box [  ] I opt out of any such contacts by email.
  • I accept that I cannot make any single handed changes or amendments to the statements above and that any such handwritten words, signs or deletion should be disregarded completely.

By my signature I hereby accept this statement in all its wording on behalf of the participant.


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Participants under 18 years old:

I am the parent/guardian to the above participant and hereby give my consent to the participation, just as I accept this statement in all its wording on behalf of the participant


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